Month: September 2019

social media for hotels

How to Create Social Media Content for a Hotel

Creating social media content for a hotel often requires some strategy. In marketing, content is king and key to boosting brand awareness. Usually, hotels and hospitality vendors maintain Facebook profiles. However, adding a blog post and using other social media channels can attract potential guests. Think about the people who travel to your hotel. They […]

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pool night
Home Decor

Great Features to Make Your Pool Stand Out

Upgrading a boring pool with an innovative idea can create memorable moments. While some of us are a bit hesitant to get in (so as not to ruin our new blow wave curls!), everyone loves a pool. Some of the most impressive designs like fixing LED lights in the pool can enhance its appearance. Apart […]

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when to call professionals to check your pipes

Clogged Drains at Home: When to Call a Professional

Understanding what can and cannot be washed down the drain can be confusing. We often don’t think about it, but by tipping excess oils, fats, and food particles down the drain, we are exercising the best way to block up our pipes. Not only is this terrible for your pipes, but it could also affect […]

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