Tools You Absolutely Need for Maintaining a Garden

A well maintained and well planned garden can make your home look very attractive. If you want to revamp your garden and get it ready for the next season, you need to have the best equipment for doing so. Here is a list of the equipment you need to establish a better looking garden. You can either hire this equipment or own them for future use.

Garden Trowel:

A handheld garden trowel is a must have tool for any gardener. Make sure it has a well fitted blade with a handle that is comfortable and will not come loose with time. Stainless steel blades are found to be better.

Digging Spade:

A stainless steel digging spade is another one of the useful tools to have in a garden. Stainless steel will be good as it does not rust and will also help in getting the soil off the blades easily making digging effortless.

Fork Hoe:

A fork hoe is very good for breaking up soil making digging much easier.


This makes digging holes for seeds and seedlings much easier. Dibbers made from oak and stainless steel available. The oak dibber has calibrated rings to indicate the depth of the hole.

Drain Camera:

A drain camera is used to actually see what is inside of a drain or a pipe and what is leading to any blockage happening. This tool is very helpful in the prevention and solution of drain or sewer blockage.

Garden Knife:

A garden knife with a sharp blade is a must to have to cut strings, flowers, sticks and trimmings. A fold-up knife is easy and safe to carry around. The blade should be sharp so that the plants are not disturbed while cutting or trimming.


A light weight and easily transportable wheelbarrow is of great benefit in a garden to transport soil, water, clean up cuttings or carry plants to be planted. You can own or rent small, medium or large depending on the size of your garden.

Golden Gark:

A golden gark is a very good landscape maintenance tool to have that can handle raking and shoveling. It can also be used for sifting soil. A good garden should be clean without weeds or fallen leaves. This tool can help in
cleaning the fallen leaves to maintain a great looking garden.

Heavy duty hoe:

If you are starting a new garden that needs breaking of the ground, this is a good tool for such project. A Good implement with a stainless steel blade and wooden handle will make your task easier. Make sure the fitting is perfect and won’t come off after repeated use.

Oscillating Hoe:

If you need to hoe a raised bed in a garden, this is the best tool for this purpose. The long handle with the swivel head at the end makes the job easier.

Garden Secateurs:

You cannot get your pruning done in your garden without this useful tool. It is a must have maintenance tool in a garden.


This goes without saying especially for those who do not want to get their hands dirty in the soil. You can never be sure what you might come across while digging the soil so it is better to use gloves while gardening.

Hoops and Cages:

This is needed especially for vegetable gardening to make sure the plants continue to grow vertically and can withstand the weight of fruits.

Stakes and Ties:

These are also useful for supporting the stem of the plant while it grows. There are metal, wood or bamboo stakes available to keep the plant upright. You can also use ties for this purpose.

Water nozzle:

This also goes without saying as you need to water the plants every day, sometimes even twice a day.

Making sure you have all of the equipment suggested will keep you from any last minute worries. Keeping every issue in mind will allow you to prevent any issues.